Pita Pockets-My Favorite Quick & Easy Lunch

I discovered these on one of those digging through the fridge, hungrily, trying to find something worth eating and nothing sounds good days.  Since then they have become a regular and loved lunch staple in the household.  With minimal ingredients and a small amount of prep, a deliciously simple lunch is ready in about 10 minutes.

Pesto Pita

Pita Pesto Pockets

makes 2 

Spoonful of Pesto of your choice.  (I use a sun-dried tomato pesto found in the Italian section of my local grocery.  It contains olive oil, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, basil, and pecorino.  I am sure you could also make your own if you’re feelin fancy.)

Quarter of a Zucchini

2 Handfuls of Baby Spinach Leaves

2 Flatbread/Pitas/Tortillas, any that you have on hand will do.

Mozzarella (optional)

Olive Oil

  1. Heat 4 Tbsp Olive Oil in a skillet over med. heat.
  2. Spread pesto evenly on one side of your pita or flat bread.
  3. Thinly slice about 6 pieces of zucchini (for each) and layer on to the pesto.
  4. Add one handful of spinach leaves to each pita. Pita
  5. If you are cheese friendly, add a decent pinch of mozzarella to the top of the spinach.
  6. Carefully add the other half of your pita to the top.  It will be very thick, but becomes more manageable as it cooks.

Pesto Saute

7.Place both sandwiches in the shimmering olive oil and cook for approx 5 min. on        each side. I prefer them to be quite brown and a bit crispy.

8. Slice in half and enjoy!

Finished Pita