Update 8/15/14 I am hoping this blog turns into a place where I can voice my thoughts and opinions on many different things that are not always food related. Food, of course, will be part of this, but so will my other thoughts and opinions on nature, politics, childhood, and really anything that strikes my fancy. Thanks for stopping by!


Learning to eat healthy, whole foods has been a long process for me.  It began with an allergy to red meat that I developed about 4 years ago.  Since then I have dabbled with being a vegan, a vegetarian, a whole foods/plant based eater, and even a raw foods eater. I could do them all, diet wise, but what I couldn’t do was work full-time, raise two children full-time, and somehow manage to be in the kitchen cooking healthy options everyone would actually enjoy-full time.

I had to learn moderation.  As someone who has always had an obsessive personality coupled with adult adhd, that was difficult.  I had to determine that what’s best for our family isn’t necessarily what is best for vegan movie hosts or book writers or really anyone else but us. This blog will not be a hardcore vegan recipes only blog.  It also won’t be fried chicken and steaks!  What it will be is our families journey into eating and living healthy lifestyles.  We use mostly vegan, plant based recipes, but on occasion, when dinner is rushed and kids are grumpy, we also chow down on some cheesy pasta goodness.  And that’s okay for us.

I have learned a lot of great recipes along the way and feel pretty fortunate to get the chance to share them with you all.



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