Morning Rush Smoothie

Mornings are the worst time of the day for me. I rarely get what feels like enough rest and it usually takes me a good 2 hours to “wake up.”  That being said, breakfast is not something I usually want to work at unless it’s a weekend and I have plenty of time for some coffee before getting started in the kitchen.  Most vegan breakfast recipes seemed to take forever-cook rice for 45 minutes, boil your oats for 30 minutes, soak this overnight, cook that yesterday.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still!  So smoothies became my breakfast lifesaver and it’s even something nutritious and filling that the kids love.

Smoothie Fruit

I always keep at least 2 bananas chopped and in zip-lock baggies in the freezer just for smoothies and the occasional banana ice-cream. Sure there’s a bit of prep work involved, but honestly it’s not much more complicated than roughly chopping or juicing the items of your choice and throwing them in a blender.  As far as healthy, whole foods, plant-based breakfasts, it doesn’t get much simpler.


This is my all time favorite go-to smoothie recipe.  It’s not too tangy for first thing in the a.m. and it’s filling enough to get you through until lunch.  Also easy enough to take with you on the road to work or school.


Morning Rush Smoothie

serves 1 (lg. glass)

1 frozen banana

3/4 cup almond milk

1/2 a pomegranate-juice of. (save the other half for the next smoothie!)

1 large handful of spinach (can’t even taste it)

6 or 7 large strawberries

2 pitted and chopped dates (these can easily be omitted without affecting the taste)

Blend and enjoy!  I use a Ninja blender and it gets the job done nicely.

Pair with these muffins for an even tastier breakfast!


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